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Lately, I have upgraded my Fedora Scientific to version 31. I started using it from version 28 and have had great experiences. This upgrade was not as smooth as previous ones but gave me chances to figure out many things about a Linux system. And since it has given me many more warnings and errors than previous versions, I want to keep a log of those issues and track how I possibly resolve them or at least have a workaround hopefully.

Fedora Scientific is a Fedora variation which comes with KDE among a bunch of scientific software. The latest version of Fedora that has this variation is 30, you can still download it from the Fedora Media Writer program or from the torrent server. I did this upgrade from a Fedora Scientific 30 system with Plasma 5.15.5 and KDE Frameworks 5.64.0. The upgraded system has Plasma 5.17.5 and KDE Frameworks 5.67.0.

Here come the issues, from while upgrading until using:

Creating boot menu and booting up

Details: [problem with grubby]({% post_url 2020-04-07-problem-grubby-f31 %})

11:26:27 dnf[781]:   Running scriptlet: kernel-core-5.5.10-200.fc31.x86_64               5138/5138
11:26:27 dnf[781]: grubby fatal error: unable to find a suitable template
11:26:27 dnf[781]:   Running scriptlet: grub2-tools-1:2.02-106.fc31.x86_64               5138/5138

Then when booting up, no grub menu, only a message: “Fatal error: token too large, exceeds YYLMAX”

Dolphin runs as a daemon and keeps opening Home at system startup


Workaround: Kill the daemon and remove /etc/xdg/autostart/org.kde.dolphin.desktop (maybe leave it in ~).

Nextcloud AppImage cannot start at system startup

Plasma session does not fully restore at system startup

Only Firefox and Thunderbird are restored; for others, sometimes some are, sometimes not.


kscreen.kded: PowerDevil SuspendSession action not available!


TorBrowser can’t start, no log exists

On f30 as well

Kate cannot restore its previous session at startup

Workaround: Make a default session (in ~/.local/share/kate/sessions)

Bug reporting failed for many bugs, an example:

On f30 as well

Preparing environment for backtrace generation
Retrace job failed
Retrace failed. Try again later and if the problem persists report this issue please.
    2020-03-21 21:34:00 Analyzing crash data
    2020-03-21 21:34:35 Preparing environment for backtrace generation
   2020-03-21 21:47:14 /usr/bin/mock init --resultdir /srv/retrace/tasks/736543580/log --configdir /srv/retrace/tasks/736543580 exitted with 20
=== OUTPUT ===
INFO: version 1.4.21 starting (python version = 3.6.8)...
Start: init plugins
INFO: selinux enabled
Finish: init plugins
INFO: Signal handler active
Start: run
Start: clean chroot
Finish: clean chroot
Start: chroot init
INFO: calling preinit hooks
INFO: enabled HW Info plugin
Mock Version: 1.4.21
INFO: Mock Version: 1.4.21
Start: yum install
Finish: yum install
ERROR: Could not find useradd in chroot, maybe the install failed?

   2020-03-21 21:47:19 None

Do you want to generate a stack trace locally? (It may download a huge amount of data but reporting can't continue without stack trace). 'NO'
('analyze_CCpp' exited with 1)

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